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Sinhala (Sri Lanka)Tamil (Sri Lanka)
Ashwagandha Choornaya
Ashwagandha are used medicinally and for energy related predicaments.

Cardiac tonic useful in all heart disease & disorders of respiratory system.

Antipyretics effective in rheumatic fever, relieves aches & pains

Effective in haemorrhoids, mild laxative, Use in liver and Spleen disorders

Dharanee (Brahmee Syrup)
Memory enhancements added, physical richer Voice, Better eye Sight.

Maduka (Cough Syrup)
Excellent for common cough, cold and sore throat.

Meda Haranee Tablet
Specially prescribed to maintain the normal cholesterol level.

Suwasetha Paspanguwa
Brings speedly relief for Influenza, Headache, Cold fever and body ache.

Thripala Tablets
Eye diseases, Diabetes Mellitus and all ailments of the Genitourinary system mild Laxative.

Material Requirement

From Mahinda Chinthana